El Streaker

Client: Dish Latino

- Winner of a New York Festivals Advertising Award
- Shorty Awards Finalist

We made millions of fans believe that Eugenio Derbez, Mexico’s most famous comedian, ran naked through a soccer field. The stunt made headlines on major hispanic national and international media outlets.

A parody of Van Damme’s Epic Split.

With more programming from Latin America, Dish Latino helps people stay connected to their culture. Eugenio Derbez reminded us the importance of not forgetting one's roots.

“Is that Eugenio Derbez running naked?”

This intentionally low-res video was “leaked” on social media in late March. The video looked so convincing that within hours it went viral, earning almost 3 million views in less than 24 hours.

I brought this still photograph to life with a parallax effect, using puppet tools for animating the limbs and other minor details like the hair.

For dramatic effect, I also created a 3D soccer ball that slowly rotated towards the player.

El Juego Bonito is the name for which soccer is known throughout Latin America.

Dish Latino demonstrated through the samba dancer, that the Beautiful Game is even more beautiful by watching it through their DVR device, the Hopper.

On April Fool’s day we revealed who was behind the stunt by placing an ad wrap on hispanic newspapers across the U.S. This faux tabloid magazine cover led to a landing page containing the final spot and information on Dish Latino’s soccer packages.

We hired a Mexican illustrator to create colorful imagery inspired by hand painted signage found on Mexican markets.

Ya se puso alegre is written as a double entendre that translates into It just got happy, but also He/she got a little tipsy.

We created short video content for social

Our display banners led to a landing page that featured different Invierte en La Bolsa videos along with other ways to save money.

This campaign succeeded in increasing Dish Latino subscriptions more than 32% than the previous year.

In addition to the 30 second video, we continued the story with the Streaker in 3 different situations.

Landing Page

Takeover Ad Intro

He crashed an interview…

…he got emotional in a novela...

…and he finally went to jail.

We took the eagle and the snake from the Mexican coat of arms and brought them to life in these short online videos.

Proposed out-of-home creative.

We filmed plenty of Behind-the-Scenes content

Display Banners

Takeover Ad Microsite

Campaign Case Study

We made these videos quick and with a very limited budget. One of the most fun I’ve had on a project.

Display Banners

Nasdaq Tower display in Times Square

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